365 Day Artist

I’m naturally talented as a writer (natural talent is BS). I started in second grade, I pursued it, I experimented, I put myself out there with really weird ideas, and I went to school for writing. Because I started young, I’m an okay writer. But I’m a horrible artist. I can’t draw worth anything, my hand is clumsy, and if I sat down and tried, I might get it, but it would be better to improve my writing.

Then I went through Impact Theory’s Mindset 101. I learned of limiting beliefs through Ruth Soukup, as well as others. Mindset 101 challenged me. Tom Bilyue asked what is a limiting belief I have (obviously in a prerecorded “class,” but I like to think it was personal). What is something that would help me achieve my goal, which I have explained away as being too difficult to hone, and so I just let it slide?


Day One

In the beginning

I want to create a multimedia entertainment company. It would include video games and comics.

I tried numerous times to find an artist, but it either costs money or they flake. I don’t have the money. So when Mindset 101 asked me a limiting belief that was keeping me from learning a skill which would help my goals, it was easy to figure out the answer.

So here it is. Day one. I learned this from SkillShare. The teacher said start with shapes. If you’re new to drawing, do about…50 of each shape.

For twenty minutes I just drew shapes. That was the target: art for 20 minutes a day.

And it Continues

Nearly every day in the past two weeks I’ve spent five to twenty minutes on art. I was exhausted some days. I didn’t want to. I had excuses, and I said, “Five minutes.” But once I got going with a little sand piper who isn’t fast enough, the art is addicting. The grind gets addicting.

Application For You

This isn’t just art. This is writing. This is sculpting. This is reading. This is working out. This is learning a new language. What would help you obtain your goals? What have you always wanted to do? Why haven’t you? What did someone say (or what you said) to convince yourself that you’re not good enough to do it?

After two weeks, I can draw better than I ever thought I could. I’ve already surpassed my (extremely low) bar. I want to see you obtain that success, too. But it takes a grind. It takes doing it when you don’t want to.

Let me know your limiting belief! Let me know what skill you’re going to try obtaining now that you’re better aware of it. If I can help, reach out. Would love to be accountability partners.

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