Flirting: A Norse Tradition

While writing Hurskfjell, I reached a point where I got bored of the physical contests. It was war, kill, learn magic, slaughter, oh the humanity! So after part one, with a fairly emotional ending, I looked at the second part and how I could create some levity.

I had log throwing, river running, and a drinking contest. I did some research on Norse games, and eventually came across “flirting.”

“Cute,” I thought, as I clicked the link.

NOTE: I am being made aware I read fliting wrong as I write this blog. It is not flirting. It is fliting. My novel is a lie. But now in my world, flirting is the tradition.

Flirting is when people insult each other, and they continue the “Yo Momma” jokes until the crowd declares a winner. It sounds like good fun, and I think I should try it with my children. What could go wrong?

The idea of having Melna contest wits with the Norse men (Hursfjellian men, really, but whatever), was a lot of fun. It added some flavor to the story, and shifted it from the common kill stuff stories.

Want to see how Melna did in the fliting contest? Check out The Song of Hetja Melna.

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