The Metal Forest of Artes Lignum

Have you ever wanted to traverse a small forest of metal and mineral wonders? Look no further than Artes Lignum, a company founded by a dear friends of mine, Casey Bunch (so dear, that she stood up as the matron of honor in my wedding).

The trees are elegant, made of metal, with gemstone and glass leaves. They are breath taking works of art, each and every one, and I always feel transported to a magical land when I look at our trees (we have two of them)

And who wouldn’t love adorable baby trees?

Want to remain inspired by the lovely forests handcrafted by Casey? Check out her Etsy and Facebook to keep up with her unbelievable talents.

Do you create or know someone who creates breathtaking art? Let me know. I’d love to feature them (and likely buy a couple pieces)!

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