Winter Wonderland: Muskego

Today’s wonder Monday is delayed by snow! Because when I saw the way the snow and ice clung to the trees on my way to work, I knew I had to take pictures at the local park and use that instead of what I had planned, which was put off until next week!

Stay inside, make some hot chocolate, get your favorite sweater and blanket, and enjoy the lovely pictures from a local park here in Muskego, Wisconsin. Where it was considerably colder than likely where you are looking at the pictures!

Here is the entrance into the enchanted forest! It’s a park by the city hall and the police station. It’s also a favorite Pokemon GO location.

Going through the forest would mean braving a board walk which hadn’t been shoveled. Around four inches of snow did not sound appealing in my work shoes, so I took the service road, which looked quite lovely and welcoming. Aside from the angry snowman.

The area also has a lot of history, as it is close to the original city hall, and I believe old school.

Have a great Monday! Enjoy the snow if you have it, and otherwise enjoy the moderate warmth!

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