G’desh: The Djinn

Does anyone else miss the old magic systems? There is this thing, and it can do whatever I need it too. The djinn and other mystical creatures fall under that, too. The djinn themselves break the rules of my world, how magic should work, and how spirits should interact with mortals. But the story of the djinn goes back centuries.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

Arabian Nights

Djinn, jinn, or genies are simply supernatural spirits which have their basis in Arabia. In most cases, they are malevolent, or at least have a sour disposition to mortals. They are long lived and incredibly powerful, but they are not immortal nor overly powerful. Depending on the myth.

The concept originated before Islam, and the spirits were adopted into Islam, where attitude was decided by whether or not they were a believer in Allah. They believe in Allah, then they are good djinn, and if they didn’t believe in Allah, they were bad djinn.

There are numerous types of djinn. Fire is a motif that extends across several of the types, but it does not extend to all djinn.

G’desh Djinn

In the G’desh Desert, the location for the first book in the War of Chaos and Order, the djinn are the children of the second fire spirit, G’desh, and a lot of random women.

They can turn into monsters with goat legs, muscular torsos, a pug face with sharp fangs and tusks, and their hair is fire.

Passion consumes the djinn. Lust, gluttony, blood, gold all call to them and demand their attention. Those who remain in the djinn city with G’desh are trained in stoicism in order to keep desires in check. It is forbidden for the djinn to live among mortals, as it always goes poorly.

Malyx and Azasheer

There are two prominent djinn who show up. One is already written about. The other, the story is written, I just need to edit it, and it will release as a new free book.

Long ago, Malyx went to the Bronze City. He promised the king that he could conquer Lake G’desh quickly and decisively. He did this, but as he did it, he gained the love of those who fought with him. When he returned to the Bronze City, he claimed the king’s head, and went on for centuries living in excess while abusing his subjects.

Azasheer is an assassin who enjoys the kill and the money. He works for some rebels in the wealthy city-state of Fah Tashekesh. After killing the current Sultan of the city, plans go in motion, and he must decide if he wants money only, or if there is a higher calling.

What are your favorite mythical creatures?

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