The Archer and the Behemoth Chapter 4

This is based on a story prompt provided by the Story Engine. It’s pretty cool. I will not reveal what I drew until the story is done.

There was the city, a huge circular wall protecting them. Behind it, in the center, was a giant tower. The height was impossible by her kingdom’s abilities. Claire sat on the hill, sighing almost constantly.

“You’re up early,” the Abomination said. When it saw the city, even it gasped.

“I didn’t know you could be in awe of things men created.”

“Even you mortals surprise us sometimes.” It curled up on the hillside. “Strange we didn’t notice the city earlier. Do we go around it?”

“No. I need something in it.”

“What do you need from there? Food? Blankets? Come now, there is nothing in that city I cannot provide for you.” The Abomination huffed.

She remained silent for the simple reason she didn’t know what she needed. The dreams guided her here, so she went. As they got closer, she hoped the dream would elaborate upon their purpose, but it didn’t.

“What is it your children say? Secrets secrets are no fun. Secrets secrets hurt someone?” It huffed again.

A smirk crept up on her face. “Yes. That is what children say, because they get annoyed their parents won’t tell them grown up things. But those same children, after saying they will tell their children everything, keep secrets in turn.”

“I don’t like it.” Its tone sobered. “This could be a trap for me.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “And there’s nothing I could tell you right now to allay that fear.”

“If I die, you die.”

Her eyes went wide, not because she was to betray him, but because this was news. Terrible news.

“Excuse me?”

“So it is a trap.”

“No, I’m still going into that city. But you never mentioned that if you die I die. Why are you hunting the monsters? I should hunt them.”

It laughed. “Because I’m larger than you, and they aren’t going to kill me. You will still go into the city knowing this?”

Skepticism crept up into her mind. It was cunning, and this would be a good way to ensure she didn’t betray him. “I have to go into the city. How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

“You can know no more than I know if you’re telling the truth about this not being a trap.”

She frowned. “Your game annoys me, but it doesn’t matter right now. I will be back. Please don’t go far.”

“You will be back? What does that mean?”

“It means I’ll be back,” she snapped, grinding her teeth. she didn’t want to answer a question she didn’t know the answer to. She definitely didn’t want to say she was there due to some dream.

It simply cocked its head and mewed. Then, after a brief silence, it muttered, “Interesting.”

“Oh shut up. I’ll be back. Don’t leave.”

It was still a long walk into the city, and once there, the city was loud. The gates were open, and she was allowed through, though she had to go through customs.

“Have anything to check?”


“Why are you here?”

“I’m exploring.”

“Then where’s your explorative things? Like compass, map, stuff?”

“I’m not that kind of explorer. Think of me more like a vagrant.”

“Not a great point to bring up if you want to come into this city. You got coin?”

“Yes, plenty.”

He reached out his hand, smiling.

“Fine,” she growled, giving him a few coins.

“Not the preferred mint around here,” he mumbled. “Anyway, go on through, but don’t stay long.”

She strode into the city, but within a hundred feet, the pep left her and she was deflated.

“Now what?”

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