Between Lewis & Lovecraft

I met Tyler Clawson through a mutual friend as we put together a little creative inner circle. This circle of friends is currently known as the League of Stuffed Demons (LSD). Currently because the name is mercurial.

Tyler has a podcast (or ten) where he shows the world his love for the creative. Here I’m focusing on his work with Hannah Ray Lambert in Between Lewis & Lovecraft.

The podcast focuses on the life of fantasy and science fiction writers. Most of the people seem to be horrible human beings with harems, cults, cons, and other horrific activities. A few are a little more benign. If you want to learn more about authors like Hubbard, Meyers, Asimov, and others, check out the podcast.

They also have correspondence episodes, where they talk about creatives. Everyone in our circle has been on it. By the time this releases, my episode is either around the corner or just released. Planning schedules is weird when it comes to these releases.

Also, they have short story episodes. Here’s a link to their amazing science fiction flash fiction episode. I will be submitting to it this year, as well as asking to read a piece. Very exciting.

So check out Between Lewis & Lovecraft. Dive into the amazing podcast Tyler and Hannah set up.

Between Lewis & Lovecraft

Tyler’s Personal Website

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