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Planning Paths

Love Over Fear

Volden’s Future: Steampunk

I’m really excited for what comes after the War of Chaos and Order. When Ji-Wei has gone through their tribulation, I get to explore Mercer and Yilinski. Both will be in a steampunk setting, with Yilinski having a Russian flavor and Mercer a Victorian… Continue Reading “Volden’s Future: Steampunk”

Using Your Imperfections

Cold Outside It is winter in Wisconsin. Outside is dry as the moisture freezes. It’s beautiful and crisp. Inside is dry because the heat is on to keep the freezing temperatures at bay. The skin on my hands is rough and dry. Then it… Continue Reading “Using Your Imperfections”

San Pablo, Guatemala

I will always love the time spent in Guatemala. Similar to Alaska, I went there for mission work. The culture, the town, and everything about it was beautiful, and I miss it regularly. This is the village we would visit, San Pablo. It always… Continue Reading “San Pablo, Guatemala”

The Lord Guides Your Path

G’desh: The Djinn

Does anyone else miss the old magic systems? There is this thing, and it can do whatever I need it too. The djinn and other mystical creatures fall under that, too. The djinn themselves break the rules of my world, how magic should work,… Continue Reading “G’desh: The Djinn”

Get Outside

I know. It hasn’t been that long. Sit down and write, he says. Get the words, he says. And now he wants me to get outside?! Make up your mind! Same Ideas, Different Day Remember that excitement when Robert Downey Jr. got up in… Continue Reading “Get Outside”

Winter Wonderland: Muskego

Today’s wonder Monday is delayed by snow! Because when I saw the way the snow and ice clung to the trees on my way to work, I knew I had to take pictures at the local park and use that instead of what I… Continue Reading “Winter Wonderland: Muskego”

Abr: Monster Hunter Inspired

One of my favorite stories, for numerous reasons, is The Mute of Abr. And it’s free currently! Just sign up for the newsletter. The City-State of Abr Abr was founded on salt trade. The mountains to the west was minerals down in the spring,… Continue Reading “Abr: Monster Hunter Inspired”