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Get Outside

I know. It hasn’t been that long. Sit down and write, he says. Get the words, he says. And now he wants me to get outside?! Make up your mind! Same Ideas, Different Day Remember that excitement when Robert Downey Jr. got up in… Continue Reading “Get Outside”

Winter Wonderland: Muskego

Today’s wonder Monday is delayed by snow! Because when I saw the way the snow and ice clung to the trees on my way to work, I knew I had to take pictures at the local park and use that instead of what I… Continue Reading “Winter Wonderland: Muskego”

Abr: Monster Hunter Inspired

One of my favorite stories, for numerous reasons, is The Mute of Abr. And it’s free currently! Just sign up for the newsletter. The City-State of Abr Abr was founded on salt trade. The mountains to the west was minerals down in the spring,… Continue Reading “Abr: Monster Hunter Inspired”

Merry Christmas: A Child is Born

G’desh Inspiration: Four Great Old Testament Stories

The Old Testament is one of the two major inspirations for The Drowning Sands of G’desh. While I am a Christian, the OT is also filled with incredible stories against insurmountable odds. Here are four of my favorites! Please comment on your own favorites.… Continue Reading “G’desh Inspiration: Four Great Old Testament Stories”

New Found Procrastination

I’m sitting here, staring at this screen, procrastinating from writing about procrastination by watching videos on the mind of a procrastinator. Meta. School During high school I was a major procrastinator. I didn’t just wait until the last second to do my homework. I… Continue Reading “New Found Procrastination”

The Metal Forest of Artes Lignum

Have you ever wanted to traverse a small forest of metal and mineral wonders? Look no further than Artes Lignum, a company founded by a dear friends of mine, Casey Bunch (so dear, that she stood up as the matron of honor in my… Continue Reading “The Metal Forest of Artes Lignum”

Joy Comes In The Morning

Sankive: The Beauty of Animals in India

In Sankive, where all the action of Ghost Monkey occurs, there are the janaav. The janaav are animals which drank special water and can now shape shift into humans, as well as a half human and half animal form. The inspiration for the janaav… Continue Reading “Sankive: The Beauty of Animals in India”

It’s Not Your Voice: It’s Bad Writing

Some of you are seething just reading that title. You’re here to give me a piece of your mind. How exciting. Others are here wondering if I’m talking about them. If you’re not angry, chances are no. Another group is nodding their head, thinking… Continue Reading “It’s Not Your Voice: It’s Bad Writing”