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I’m getting (self)published

Abbott Press called today, the persistent buggers they are. I’ve been called about twice a week for the past month with them asking if I want to get published. Of course I do, but what I really want to be my kick off isn’t… Continue Reading “I’m getting (self)published”


An aside: as I take care of my uncle and aunt’s pets, I’ve had a realization: I have lost my touch. Slowly I lose my admiratn for these creatures as they poop on the carpet despite being let out. The cat went into full… Continue Reading “Brave”


Sean crouched on the outskirts of town, huddled in a torn cloak. Under it his leather pants were torn and his bare chest was dirty and hairy. His beard was coming in thick, though unruly. His hair was short, nearly shaven clean. Gray eyes… Continue Reading “Clarity”

Creation verse Control

While flying back home from a major trade show, I was commenting on how tense I was getting because I hadn’t written yet. Before the break up I was writing a good 500 words a day. Since the break up I’ve been writing like… Continue Reading “Creation verse Control”

How Women Should Handle a Breakup

Note: These are not my actual feelings on this. I greatly respect and love women, and I’m generally the one that handles the breakup poorly. Long list of women that can attest to this. I wrote this for a friend in order to give… Continue Reading “How Women Should Handle a Breakup”

Using anchors for a plot line

Every writer has a Way. Seemingly no writer uses the exact same methodology. The only advice I’ve kept intact is to write the entire book before going back to edit. I find in most cases, to go back leads to a loop of never… Continue Reading “Using anchors for a plot line”

Utilizing Script Immunity

Spoilers forĀ Game of Thrones. I mostly learned about script immunity through table top role playing games. It’s when a character cannot die, an item cannot be lost or broken, or an event cannot be derailed no matter how hard the characters try. This primarily… Continue Reading “Utilizing Script Immunity”