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Poetry Poker 3-22-2013

Today for poetry poker, I’m going with the deck “Venus Likes Mars.” I’m hoping for something entirely wrong out of this deck. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. Already saw one card is sexy. My hopes are high! Youtube reading of it right here. Figured I’d… Continue Reading “Poetry Poker 3-22-2013”

100 Challenge Theme ‘Love’

Here is a friend and fellow writer’s poetry poker. You’ll note in the comments I gave it a go. Oh did I ever. Her other writing is brilliant too. Give it a look.

Poetry Poker 3-11

I have my poetry poker cards! Excitement reigns tonight boys and girls. I got them from Christine from her blog. It’s looking super awesome. Words: Smooth, pounding, supremely, before, foam   I rubbed the rock, rubbed it smooth like the ocean waves would. Walked… Continue Reading “Poetry Poker 3-11”

March Poetry Poker: Crush on me tonight.

I was convinced to do a poetry poker challenge. I don’t recall the last time I did poetry. The idea is you must use so many words which come up. Since I don’t have a set and I’m not sure where to get it,… Continue Reading “March Poetry Poker: Crush on me tonight.”