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The Witcher: Morality

Witcher 3 spoilers ahead! I’ve learned a lot the past couple days about morality through the Witcher 3. I mean, I had before, but I looked some things up on Reddit, and it taught me even more. There were three crones in a swamp. They… Continue Reading “The Witcher: Morality”


  Today I saw Warcraft. The critic reviews on Rotten Tomato were 27% as of this writing. The audience reviews were 83%. I was nervous. Could it be another Dungeons & Dragons debacle? I already saw how they were working the CGI. The graphics wouldn’t be… Continue Reading “Warcraft”

Far Cry Primal: Verisimilitude

Well kids, we should have the talk. The talk where someone stretches verisimilitude to the point of breaking. What’s verisimilitude you ask? I’m so proud of your inquiring mind! Verisimilitude is a writing term which refers to the believability of the work. An example… Continue Reading “Far Cry Primal: Verisimilitude”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Did you see the trailer? The one that has Call of Duty collectively freaking out? After watching the really cool Battlefield 1 trailer (I loved 3, enjoyed 4, didn’t even bother with Hardline), I thought I would watch the CoD trailer that was going to be the nail… Continue Reading “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”

Team Yennifer > Team Triss

First Note: This is a massive Witcher spoiler. Like anything and everything for the franchise. Second Note: I can’t believe I’m doing this. Here’s looking at you, Mac. (You can find the Team Triss opinion at his website at this link) Third Note: Mac’s post… Continue Reading “Team Yennifer > Team Triss”

Video game kid leagues

I’m playing a game called Paragon. It’s really awesome. I’m actually decent at it, which surprises me because I’m rarely good at competitive games. They make me nervous, jumpy, and angry. This is my score. It’s actually suffering massively today, and it’s the reason… Continue Reading “Video game kid leagues”

My first Pokemon battle

First, I swear this kick will end. At the end of the year. When the Pokemon 20th anniversary is finished. Second, it’s not really my first, but my first in a long time. It was also against a significantly better opponent. I’ve never played… Continue Reading “My first Pokemon battle”

Taken King

I’ve been working on my apology, too. And since I’ve written a crap ton already, not going to feel bad about it.

My life for Tamriel: The Diary of an ESO Addict

I swore I wasn’t going to buy Elder Scrolls Online. It took my favorite single player game, made it an MMO, and I was bitter. Where would be my greatness in this world where a million chosen were all competing for recognition in a world… Continue Reading “My life for Tamriel: The Diary of an ESO Addict”

Why Sony Rocked E3

I’m stunned. Truly stunned. “Microsoft won E3,” the masses say. “Why?” I shout, confused. “Because of backwards compatibility. Because Sony didn’t announce they can connect to USB or external hard drives. Because No Man’s Sky will end up on Xbox!” Shocked, stunned, I lost my… Continue Reading “Why Sony Rocked E3”