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Sankive: Practical Dharma

Disclaimer: I have not studied the concept of Dharma for years on end. I have researched it, read some Hindu and Buddhist texts, and I have seen how I can apply it to my own life, through a Christian lens. Why a Christian lens?… Continue Reading “Sankive: Practical Dharma”

Flirting: A Norse Tradition

While writing Hurskfjell, I reached a point where I got bored of the physical contests. It was war, kill, learn magic, slaughter, oh the humanity! So after part one, with a fairly emotional ending, I looked at the second part and how I could… Continue Reading “Flirting: A Norse Tradition”

Why Arabian nights?

Inspiration Drowning the Sands of G’desh was inspired by the Old Testament and Arabian Nights. Both books have an incredible amount of unique stories which are not often mimicked in American culture. In my own faith walk, the church focuses on a few stories… Continue Reading “Why Arabian nights?”