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Babymetal: Things that change your life

I went to see my brother this weekend, and drove with a friend. We were talking for a little while when he asked, “Have you heard of bubblegum metal?” You’ll see how we reach this title. “No.” I was laughing, the name alone was… Continue Reading “Babymetal: Things that change your life”

The Fox and the Tea Garden Pt 2 of 2

Fox put away the tea, washed up, and wiped off the table. He walked outside for a time to enjoy a light breeze, waiting for the table to dry. Returning to the inside of the small room, he pulled out a scroll and sat… Continue Reading “The Fox and the Tea Garden Pt 2 of 2”

Keeper Fox and his Peach Garden Pt 1 of 2

I am going back to edit the intro of this tale with my trip to the airport underway. Going throu security, my pants which did not fit six weeks ago were falling off when I had to take my belt off. On top of… Continue Reading “Keeper Fox and his Peach Garden Pt 1 of 2”