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Happy Birthday and Boobs

First, my blog is officially two years old. That means in about a week or two I’m officially single for two years. Maybe subconsciously that’s why my mind has been a jerk lately. Thank you to everyone who has been around for those two… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday and Boobs”

Beware the B

A-Z April So to say this is low brow would be an understatement. Like if you’re easily offended, turn away. Really. Last chance. Okay, you asked for it. For my B: ( . Y . )

The Raw Kelst: That which he’s given up

I preface with this is what was going through my head when driving. It’s been a while. A long while. I’m not offering up. I’m waiting for someone and she’s taking her sweet time. The fact I chewed ice (an act I generally loathe)… Continue Reading “The Raw Kelst: That which he’s given up”