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My Characters Die

I don’t get to create role playing characters often. Generally my efforts are spanned across creating the game. I make the settings, a couple dozen NPCs, a few on the spot, and a plot line. I do a good job, but it can often… Continue Reading “My Characters Die”

I Love Frozen

Well yesterday was all about my hate for Shae, so on this Memorial Day, when we’re to be remembering those who have given so all could live comfortably, why not have something a little heartfelt? I bought Frozen yesterday while shopping. It was the last one… Continue Reading “I Love Frozen”

Fairy Tail: Teaching Foreshadowing and Plot Arcs

Note: Fairytail spoilers I spoke about this anime a little. I love the anime due to the rich characters, well planned and thought out plot, and the pretty colors. So admittedly I started watching due to a series of music videos. Lucy, the blond,… Continue Reading “Fairy Tail: Teaching Foreshadowing and Plot Arcs”

And Random Sex Scene

I bemoaned the other day randomly killing a character. I was cornered. What else could I do? It was him or her, and I had to make a choice. You don’t just shrug off the death of your family along with your own incredibly… Continue Reading “And Random Sex Scene”

Sometimes Characters Die

I was writing really well yesterday. I was flying through scenes and words, creating some beautiful work, when I reached a heated moment. As I wrote it, realizing where it was going, I suddenly noted I was backed into a corner. Only 12000 words… Continue Reading “Sometimes Characters Die”

The Power of Names #2

I wrote not that long ago about how names can be so influential to a story. How they can take your NPC bartender and make them someone we care about even if they only get a paragraph or two. There’s another power to names:… Continue Reading “The Power of Names #2”

The Power of Names

I think often on the power of words, but recently I’ve really focused on the power of names. In my story on Hurskfjell, almost everyone has a name. There are few characters referred to as “Guard #2,” or “The Bartender.” Often in fantasy and… Continue Reading “The Power of Names”