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There are few times where coffee is a good thing for me. There are fewer times when I should be given large coffees. If I sleep well and drink coffee, I am a squirrel, a rabid one and someone stole my nuts, and goodness… Continue Reading “Java java java javajavajavajavajasdfas;dlkfj”


I drive up, “Yeah, I’ll take one order. The usual.” My head was pounding and I couldn’t focus. I felt lethargic and tired. I needed to kick this habit. The faceless voice came back, “Alright, here’s the cost.” I went to the window and… Continue Reading “Juiced”

When Leaves Die, Hearts Blossom

This will be my 301 post! Again. But I don’t plan on deleting anything this time around. Really enjoying the autumn theme. This was also supposed to be longer, but there was an immense power in the simplicity. James picked up a cup of… Continue Reading “When Leaves Die, Hearts Blossom”

I Prefer It Black

I changed a great deal while in Guatemala. My heart, my mind, my spirit, my soul, it all changed. But so did my tastes. The son of the guy who gave us food (I feel guilty, but I don’t remember either of their names)… Continue Reading “I Prefer It Black”

Lawsuit Happy World

Tomorrow I am going to a major account in my area to show them how to use some of our equipment. I go out there, tell them use their manual, and do a few simple demonstrations. They will tape these demonstrations and I will… Continue Reading “Lawsuit Happy World”