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I had to get my car’s emissions checked today since I need to renew my license today. I saw a family at a corner but didn’t read their sign. They looked middle eastern, with a husband, wife, and three kids. At the time I… Continue Reading “Swindled?”

Secrets and Doors – Christine Haggerty Review

My friend, Christine Haggerty, from way out in Utah, is doing a cool anthology with some other amazing writers who compose The Secret Door Society. They wrote an anthology called Secrets and Doors, which will be linked a couple times. Just for reinforcement. It’s… Continue Reading “Secrets and Doors – Christine Haggerty Review”

The Exile of a Buick

She’s gone. I swore I wouldn’t cry. I swore I would hold strong. I had nearly forgotten her, rusting in front of my parent’s house, awaiting retrieval from a donation company. But I had to move her today. I took her for one last… Continue Reading “The Exile of a Buick”