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Final Fantasy VII Remake: How it all ends and begins

First and foremost, this is about the ending of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I can’t emphasize this more: IT IS FILLED WITH SPOILERS!!!!!! If you don’t want spoilers, quit now. Here’s disc 2 of the soundtrack. Check that out while you read other… Continue Reading “Final Fantasy VII Remake: How it all ends and begins”

My life for Tamriel: The Diary of an ESO Addict

I swore I wasn’t going to buy¬†Elder Scrolls Online. It took my favorite single player game, made it an MMO, and I was bitter. Where would be my greatness in this world where a million chosen were all competing for recognition in a world… Continue Reading “My life for Tamriel: The Diary of an ESO Addict”

In the game again!

Two years ago, I was sitting outside a hotel with my phone, purchasing a year of eHarmony. It would technically happen next week, but let’s run with this. For those who read through that year, eHarmony was a disaster. It was a year of… Continue Reading “In the game again!”

You Can’t Unsee That

It was a normal day in alternate Chicago. As Aiden, I hit up different security systems to see weaknesses. Stopped a few profiled crimes. Boasted a couple cars. Tailed real people in their own game, and if I did it right they were unaware… Continue Reading “You Can’t Unsee That”

Battlefield 3: Spec Ops in Paris

The city was in shambles, in large part to me. There were buildings tangos could hide in, and I couldn’t abide that. Easier to hit the enemy when the walls come falling down. I’m an explosives specialist. It’s what I do. Gun shots rang… Continue Reading “Battlefield 3: Spec Ops in Paris”