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Where I Work

I was supposed to have a date over the other night and she cancelled. The upside is my apartment looks awesome! So I took some pictures. I do still need a couch for my living room, but otherwise things are coming along beautifully. My… Continue Reading “Where I Work”

The Toilet

I didn’t notice when I finished. I didn’t notice when I flushed. It was an hour later when I had to take a leek. Toilet paper was still there, in the hole, floating. But it had happened before. Another flush would take care of… Continue Reading “The Toilet”

Coming Home

There was a girl on the side of the road, walking through the rain. Her hair was matted to her face and down her neck and back. Her clothes was soaked through. Cars drove by, the water spraying behind their tires to splash her.… Continue Reading “Coming Home”

Missing Gilgamesh

What is this? A writing that isn’t sappy and teenager in its emotional immaturity? Alas, I have found something to write about aside from my emotional stunting. But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back at it by tomorrow. I saw a friend asking… Continue Reading “Missing Gilgamesh”


Emptiness fills the apartment As I watch TV and hope for company. But the emptiness expands and Fills me too, until I am alone. I’m offered a home which I cannot take. A home which I want. A home I would love. But instead… Continue Reading “Home”