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A – Z April: P An old but good one. Tim fidgeted his way up to Miss Williams’ desk. “Miss Williams, I need to use the potty.” The small child was well known for doing what he could to get out of class. Miss… Continue Reading “P”

Vacuum Cleaner Equality

I got a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday and Christmas. It’s a Shark. Not quite a Dyson, but I won’t be complaining. It does what I need it to do. But as I was looking at the box, reading the instructions (after I… Continue Reading “Vacuum Cleaner Equality”

I’m Glad FaceBook Makes Me Look Like a Nerd

I had a friend who went out with a friend of hers and bad things happened. So she showed me his FaceBook. The cover is saying bad things about the cops and his picture wasn’t much better. And all I could think was, “What… Continue Reading “I’m Glad FaceBook Makes Me Look Like a Nerd”

Things to say when leaving the bathroom

“Is it supposed to be that color?” “I definitely had corn last night.” “Beets can make it red, right? I hope so.” “I shouldn’t have drank all that food coloring.” “I really need to see a doctor about that.” “You don’t want to go… Continue Reading “Things to say when leaving the bathroom”

Throwing Dice and Nuts

Rico strutted down the walkway, his cigarette barely between his slightly open lips. His jacket was off his shoulders, revealing the golden chains and beater under. His pants were just above his knees, his white boxers showing. There was a game every Saturday at… Continue Reading “Throwing Dice and Nuts”