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The Traveling Panda

My wrap up on Alaska! My daughter gave me her panda and told me to take pictures as we traveled. So I did. She loved the pictures, and it created a nice connection on the trip. How do you stay connected to loved ones… Continue Reading “The Traveling Panda”

My Niece is N7 Approved

This is for my niece. So far she has looked exceptionally girly. There have been flowers on her head band and pink. She has been given decisively girly clothing. I refuse to aid her in this. I refuse to make her girly. No doubt… Continue Reading “My Niece is N7 Approved”

Culvers and Baby Crazy

I sat at Culvers with my coworker and friend. We ate and spoke, but on the other side of our booth was a mother with her child. “Mom, I want coal for Christmas.” “Is that so?” She chuckled a little, obviously surprised. Perhaps the… Continue Reading “Culvers and Baby Crazy”

Childish Love

Dylan glowered at Cloey. “Yeah, well I can do it all on my own! Just you watch!” He looked up at the gym set. It was intimidating for the seven year old boy, but he would show her. He would show her what she… Continue Reading “Childish Love”