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A light bulb clicked Saturday. This is how I work. I do not gradually learn as information is provided. It is continuously provided, it stacks on a scale, and eventually it all just clicks and I understand. It was something I’ve been anxious about… Continue Reading “Affirmation”

Humility in learning Spanish

I’ve recently picked up Rosetta Stone for Spanish. It’s been incredible. I’m picking it up, I’m feeling confident, and I can’t wait to spend my 30 minutes a day learning. However, there is one issue I have with Spanish. I have the equivalent of… Continue Reading “Humility in learning Spanish”

Lessons Learned from Romance Novels

I’m 30 pages into a romance novel. I get that’s not a lot. By the time I was that far into¬†Game of Thrones, I was terrified of the things Viserys was doing to his sister and had to put the book down for many… Continue Reading “Lessons Learned from Romance Novels”