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Love Over Fear

Obligation: What is it good for?

I keep hearing people ask me if I practice portions of my faith out of obligation. Of course I do. Then they make it sound like practicing my faith, or doing anything in life, as an obligation is negative. Why? Our life is filled… Continue Reading “Obligation: What is it good for?”

Loving Christ First

My girlfriend, Dana, was over with her daughter this weekend. It was the first time I saw Dana since we started dating, and the second time I saw her in person since knowing her for the past three or four years. She stayed with… Continue Reading “Loving Christ First”

Never Forget

So this song came out and just pulled on me. I mean, who wouldn’t it pull on? Who hasn’t had that one lover that was a best friend, everything in the world, and then they walked out? I mean walked out is a general… Continue Reading “Never Forget”


Basalt core covered in ice, the heart was frozen through, But I forgot how frigid I’d become until again there was you. I hemmed and I hawed, yet it did no service, the heat was given off from you. Through and through I melted… Continue Reading “Goo”

Why Hold Back Your Heart?

I had a friend who broke up with her boyfriend of around three years. When they first started dating she held back her fears from him, though they were many. I told her to just break up with him. It was a waste of… Continue Reading “Why Hold Back Your Heart?”

Blue Moon

Tonight is a blue moon. I remember the last one. It was November a couple years ago. I was in New York. I sat under the stars in the grass with a woman in my arms, looking up. It was my idea. After about… Continue Reading “Blue Moon”

Boy Body Image Issues

I saw this the other day. It’s something I understand and fight with regularly. Something I’d left behind basically for ten months to have it reappear. They say once an addict, always an addict, it’s just how you deal with it.   While society¬†talks… Continue Reading “Boy Body Image Issues”

Great Loss = Great Beauty

I sit here, with only the clinking of buttons and zippers as the dryer spins, because I just felt within my heart great loss, and at the same time I was forced to recognize great beauty in a world that was fictitious. After watching¬†The… Continue Reading “Great Loss = Great Beauty”

Beautiful Memories

I was sitting on a plane next to this really sweet red head. She was kind, even if quiet, and I was okay with that. We gave each other space, while partaking in niceties when the drinks came around. I was a jerk and… Continue Reading “Beautiful Memories”