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Randomly Chosen New Years Resolution

So Zimbio gave me a New Year’s Resolution. I actually like it. “Love others like Kanye West loves himself.” I feel this is a difficult task and will take some work, but I’m up for the challenge.

Romance Moves Me

I have no shame. There’s no reason to, I’d rather you all know who I am, and while I can’t get behind some chick falling in love with a cowboy, I can totally get beyond two sword masters fighting to save 6,000 souls in… Continue Reading “Romance Moves Me”

In Piercing Lakes Drown Me

In piercing lakes drown me As you look into my soul And judge me good. In brown silk wrap me, Which, with flowery aroma, Shrouds us as we connect. In seraph’s music serenade me, As soft skin slides across each Other, licking foreign¬†lips for… Continue Reading “In Piercing Lakes Drown Me”

My Clockwork Heart Keeps Time

My clockwork heart keeps time Tik All it requires is a wind Tok With a key in a hidden place A glass house, shattered to pieces Tik You’ll find it cuts, find it rusts But if you hold on, you will find Tok It… Continue Reading “My Clockwork Heart Keeps Time”

As the Moon Began to Rise

Thought of you tonight, as the moon began to rise. Thought of your kiss and the glory of your eyes. Remembered finger tips brushed across my arm. Remembered your wit, your smile, your charm. And longing I await for new day sun to break,… Continue Reading “As the Moon Began to Rise”

If I had the Wisdom

If I had the wisdom To say a thousand things I’d tell you that I love you In a way meaningfully. But my words are stunted My thoughts confused My intelligence lacking So these are the words I choose. To each of you that… Continue Reading “If I had the Wisdom”

Kindness: What separates us from animals

On a writing site, someone posted our ugliest trait is our ability to injure our own, and to kill without purpose. This post continued to tell us all how there is nothing like it in any other animal, and we should learn from them.… Continue Reading “Kindness: What separates us from animals”

The Pool

I saw you in the hot tub today. Your unruly black hair. Beautiful brown eyes. That confusing Asian and Hispanic heritage. Those adorably dorky glasses. I know she wasn’t you, I know a number of reasons she clearly wasn’t you. But when I first… Continue Reading “The Pool”

Not Quite Right

“You’re spleen’s out again,” Darlene¬†scolded. Bob sighed and pushed it back in, past the loosely knit flesh, where he was bitten long ago. “Darlene, you’re always busting my balls about this crap. Ed’s got a testicle dangling halfway down his thigh and Marlene doesn’t… Continue Reading “Not Quite Right”

Remembering a Foreign Time

Written on a cramped airplane where I couldn’t see what I wrote. Done in about 20 minutes. I thought it was a pretty awesome deal. Including pictures of Guatemala in this, though the actual Guatemala post will come later. The old man of the… Continue Reading “Remembering a Foreign Time”