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Why I ditched my credit card

“You missed a payment of $25 because you thought you paid the card off! This month you owe us $52!” The balance last month was $26 and they doubled it. I knew I should have called to close out last month. I’ve paid down… Continue Reading “Why I ditched my credit card”

Lessons of the Witcher: Compensation

I’ve been playing┬áThe Witcher III with the dedication of a 16 year old boy to his first real girlfriend. I’ve clocked around 50 hours, and it will have been two weeks as of tomorrow. I’m still not tired of the game, for more reasons… Continue Reading “Lessons of the Witcher: Compensation”

Major Purchases – Computer

I freak out during major purchases. Just about anything over $200 gives me pause. It freaks me out. Buying a car, even though it was a loan, was unbelievably painful. I was too dumb during college to comprehend how much in debt I was… Continue Reading “Major Purchases – Computer”