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The Tale of the Fat Prince

From my Nano. Came up with it while listening to this song and just contemplating. Enjoy!             Azasheer looked at Dameneh. The boy was moping about in the sands, sniffling. “She wasn’t what I had thought she’d be. What… Continue Reading “The Tale of the Fat Prince”

Flow of the River

“There is one river,” the wise man said to the girl. “But there are many paths. You may choose a path for the river.” “But I can’t right now. There is already a river that flows through here. I need to clean it before… Continue Reading “Flow of the River”

It is what it is, but we aren’t

There is a phrase I enjoy using, “It is what it is.” I started using this phrase when a friend kept going from one bad situation to another, and each time she let it drag her down. A situation is a situation and if… Continue Reading “It is what it is, but we aren’t”