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  Today I saw Warcraft. The critic reviews on Rotten Tomato were 27% as of this writing. The audience reviews were 83%. I was nervous. Could it be another Dungeons & Dragons debacle? I already saw how they were working the CGI. The graphics wouldn’t be… Continue Reading “Warcraft”

Why I love DP

Yum. Click bait. You’re either here because you’re a bit sick, morbidly curios, or a really great Deadpool fan. I welcome all of you, though some of you will be disappointed. I’ll let you figure out if you’ll be disappointed or not yourself. Maybe… Continue Reading “Why I love DP”

Battle Royale: Should our schools implement or How Japan is really messed up

It’s a moose and squirrel title, for those of you who are really old school. Speaking of school, I saw Battle Royale last night. You’ve never heard of it? It was a novel, became a manga, I think it’s an anime, and it’s most certainly… Continue Reading “Battle Royale: Should our schools implement or How Japan is really messed up”

Must See Movies of the Season!

I haven’t seen a movie in a good long while. They just haven’t interested me, or by the time I realize they’re in theaters, it’s because of an announcement of the bluray release. However, this time of year I get immensely festive. Not even… Continue Reading “Must See Movies of the Season!”