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Between Lewis & Lovecraft

I met Tyler Clawson through a mutual friend as we put together a little creative inner circle. This circle of friends is currently known as the League of Stuffed Demons (LSD). Currently because the name is mercurial. Tyler has a podcast (or ten) where… Continue Reading “Between Lewis & Lovecraft”

Writing in COVID

Welcome to the end of the world! That’s our thing now, right? I was on a cool interview last week on COVID and writing. It was a lot of fun. Erin is my publisher, the head of Crazy Ink Publishing. Ebony is in everything.… Continue Reading “Writing in COVID”

The Writer’s Edge podcast

I’ll be doing a podcast! The Writer’s Edge is a group on writing. And stuff. Tonight I’m blessed to be in the group! So please stop in. Ask questions. Harass us. Or we’ll harass us. The Writer’s Edge Tonight’s Podcast