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Sour Sleeplessness

Sweet sleep, evasive sleep I listen to sad songs for peace Memories of a full bed Of a warm body Gentle touches, genuine in the moment Now a jest, a jeer at jovialness The bed is cold, so I shy from it The apartment… Continue Reading “Sour Sleeplessness”

In Piercing Lakes Drown Me

In piercing lakes drown me As you look into my soul And judge me good. In brown silk wrap me, Which, with flowery aroma, Shrouds us as we connect. In seraph’s music serenade me, As soft skin slides across each Other, licking foreign┬álips for… Continue Reading “In Piercing Lakes Drown Me”

My Clockwork Heart Keeps Time

My clockwork heart keeps time Tik All it requires is a wind Tok With a key in a hidden place A glass house, shattered to pieces Tik You’ll find it cuts, find it rusts But if you hold on, you will find Tok It… Continue Reading “My Clockwork Heart Keeps Time”

As the Moon Began to Rise

Thought of you tonight, as the moon began to rise. Thought of your kiss and the glory of your eyes. Remembered finger tips brushed across my arm. Remembered your wit, your smile, your charm. And longing I await for new day sun to break,… Continue Reading “As the Moon Began to Rise”

If I had the Wisdom

If I had the wisdom To say a thousand things I’d tell you that I love you In a way meaningfully. But my words are stunted My thoughts confused My intelligence lacking So these are the words I choose. To each of you that… Continue Reading “If I had the Wisdom”

Cold Fingers

Icicles prod me Numbing inside. Heat of exhaustion Of trying to care Warps me against Icy embrace. I try to care. I ask for help. The voices speak. But no one is there.


A – Z April: M “More,” she cried as she fed on him, And he gave and he bled till nothing was left to give. “More,” she cried as she fed on him, And his spirit did break as her nourishment. “More,” she cried… Continue Reading “More”


It’s when you stare at the Screen Wall TV Ceiling You wonder where You are He is She is They are There’s no Motivation Will Energy Desire Just a blank

Winter Without You

Gray sky matches my mind, Obfuscated and full of gloom. The freezing temps match my heart, Frozen without your love. Here I lay in morning gray, Cold without your touch. Maybe someday I’ll know summer.


A loving man opened the door, though it was slammed in his face, and she stood at the threshold. She said, “I want to see inside, but I can’t enter.” “Why not?” She looked at another door and entered into another man’s home. The… Continue Reading “Doors”