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Tears run down my cheeks As I know you’re not here.

The Sick God

He watched as others ran, Felt as his fever ran Above what it should be. His lungs they ached, Through blurred vision he faked That just fine he could see. So he stood up and ran As fast as any man can Defying weakness… Continue Reading “The Sick God”


It’s a little past 2am. A blessing is the illness I thought would be crippling today was only inconvenient. I’ll take that. The curse is it’s past 2am, and I don’t want to lay down. So I’ve decided to write a poem. Then I’ll… Continue Reading “Sleepless”

Lovers’ Paradox

By Kelst With you beside me, I am invincible. With you half here I am dying. With you gone I shall conquer the world. I wish I were invincible, But I shall take the world to console me.

Strained and Stressed

My stomach clenches As I wretch, nothing Left inside me. My Eyes grow weary, I am teary, but I must Postpone my emotional struggles. I flee to the gym And hop on machines, Flexing my muscles To exhaustion. Once I am done, It’s all… Continue Reading “Strained and Stressed”

I Love You as the Morning Sun

I love you as the morning sun When it pierces early clouds, Basking my face in warmth. I love you as the ocean’s surf, A lulling motion of back and forth, Give and take of devoted companions. I love you as the sturdy home,… Continue Reading “I Love You as the Morning Sun”

Life With You

A life with you would be blessed. I’d dress each day to impress You. I’d do the laundry, dishes Clean, makes beds if your wish. I’d write you poems at night And remain for you a light Through all the troubled times. I’d say… Continue Reading “Life With You”


You defiled my song, Yanked on my heart, Leave me in the dark. Pulse speeds up, Vision tunnels, Teeth chatter. Uncertainty grips, My chest clenches, Stomach vomits, Head aches. But this is about me. Not you. I take deep breaths, fighting myself. I pack… Continue Reading “Rage”

The Flight Attendant

Bored to tears, The attendant explains features on the plane To allay our fears. But no one cares For truth, mayhaps, As should plane collapse, All us it then tears.


I reach to my books for a good time, To play a game of heroes with strength We would never know. It was sublime Until memories were released at length. A book about the machine god, the one You bought for me. You never… Continue Reading “Forgot”