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Get Outside

I know. It hasn’t been that long. Sit down and write, he says. Get the words, he says. And now he wants me to get outside?! Make up your mind! Same Ideas, Different Day Remember that excitement when Robert Downey Jr. got up in… Continue Reading “Get Outside”

Sankive: The Beauty of Animals in India

In Sankive, where all the action of Ghost Monkey occurs, there are the janaav. The janaav are animals which drank special water and can now shape shift into humans, as well as a half human and half animal form. The inspiration for the janaav… Continue Reading “Sankive: The Beauty of Animals in India”

The Traveling Panda

My wrap up on Alaska! My daughter gave me her panda and told me to take pictures as we traveled. So I did. She loved the pictures, and it created a nice connection on the trip. How do you stay connected to loved ones… Continue Reading “The Traveling Panda”

West Coast mountains

Going back to Alaska, the lovely mountains. Though I went out there after finishing Hurskfjell, this is what those mountains would look like. Just going up and up forever. Only one more set of Alaska pictures, but the next one is more cute and… Continue Reading “West Coast mountains”


Tomorrow I am in Guatemala. I’m stressed about it. I’m the leader, I haven’t been nearly as meticulous as I generally want to be, and I feel like I’m missing things. Why am I not as meticulous? With work I’m basically doing two jobs:… Continue Reading “Guatemala/Rebound/Writing”

Adventures and Ruins

I want to go here.¬†Apparently some guys found it while kayaking and it’s right off NYC. A friend of mine wants to get into kayaking, and while driving through the UP, I though it could be awesome. We would bring some supplies for camping,… Continue Reading “Adventures and Ruins”