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C is for Condoms

For A-Z April, my C entry. The story is stranger than this, but this was the end result. I went to the gas station and took deep breaths. I felt like a teen fulfilling an awkward dare. Instead I was a 30 year old… Continue Reading “C is for Condoms”

Battle Royale: Should our schools implement or How Japan is really messed up

It’s a moose and squirrel title, for those of you who are really old school. Speaking of school, I saw¬†Battle Royale last night. You’ve never heard of it? It was a novel, became a manga, I think it’s an anime, and it’s most certainly… Continue Reading “Battle Royale: Should our schools implement or How Japan is really messed up”

Things to say when leaving the bathroom

“Is it supposed to be that color?” “I definitely had corn last night.” “Beets can make it red, right? I hope so.” “I shouldn’t have drank all that food coloring.” “I really need to see a doctor about that.” “You don’t want to go… Continue Reading “Things to say when leaving the bathroom”

Things you hear at work

Heard while out and about for work. Same person. “You are the reason I’ll never get married. Heaven forbid I settle down with someone like you. I’d shoot myself.” “I don’t think my sour patch zombie’s brain is quite right.” Hostile work environment.

This is Literature?! And don’t scientists have something better to do!?

This is a two for one! I couldn’t believe this. The other day, Joel approached me and asked if I had heard of dinosaur erotica. I laughed, but he said he was serious. Then I looked at him funny. He told me some of… Continue Reading “This is Literature?! And don’t scientists have something better to do!?”

A Love Letter

I received this today at my work email. I’m trying to figure out the angle. It was to undisclosed recipients. There were no attachments. My curiosity is bursting from the seems. Hello, Love is all around! When I look through the window in my… Continue Reading “A Love Letter”

Victory and Underwear

I sat in front of my computer, looking through photos, writing about my experience, and listening to pump up music. I wrote with abandon, reliving moments of glory, when I crossed the finish line, writing all while wearing my orange headband. Words flew from… Continue Reading “Victory and Underwear”